Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boxed up!

Over the past few months increased activity on other projects has resulted in a slower pace for the restoration of L813 however some significant tasks have been completed.

The reassembly of the overhauled axle box, refitting of bearing brasses and replacement of handbrake assemply has returned this part of the wagon to "near new" condition.

One down, only 3 to go!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Restoration commences

The overhaul of historic L813 has commenced at the Werris Creek "Alco Park" facility.
Inconjunction with 251 Limited, works have commenced on the stripping and overhaul of this long neglected workhorse from the "old" railway.
Much of the interior planked floor is badly rotted and has been lifted to allow detailed examination and access to the wagon frame.

Years of dumped debris including the last remnants of a former load of superphosphate are being cleared from the interior to reveal the condition of the materials underneath.

Theres not much left to restore of the lower end timbers so a full replacement will be made.

With the floor up a review of the underframe design and drawgear is easily had.

Close examination of the frame has revealed some cracking which requires attention.

With the crack repaired the frame is gradually being needle gunned, cleaned and primer applied.

Other components including a replacement "spider wheel" which was missing when L813 was received are also being prepared for refitting and final painting.

As the axle box's and seals all need attention they are being stripped and cleaned.

With the axle box and spring removed the worn spring bases are also being replaced....

...and the axle box cleaned and overhauled.

Despite sitting in Dubbo yard without brasses and exposed to the elements for many years the journal shows only minor signs of pitting and certainly is not of concern for a static exhibit!

The old rear axle box leather seals are well past their use by date.....

 new seals have been cut and their assembly riveted as is the traditional practise.

With everything prepared the next stage is reassembly, stay tuned.......

Monday, January 12, 2009

Recording History

Although only just one of thousands of 4 wheel vehicles that carried the states goods, produce and prosperity for many years, a close examination of L813 reveals hints of some events from its working life and the results of hard work and rough treatment on the railway.
Before the restoration of L813 commences, a photographic study of its markings, make up, wounds and workings was made to record the result of a hard working life for ever.
The following is L813 as photgraphed at Werris Creek on tuesday 6th January 2009.